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Metamorphosis (גלגול)
MediumBronze, PLA, Carbon steel, Copper sulfur, Water, Glass, Various Electrical components
Dimensions140 cm × 100 cm × 40 cm (55 in × 39 in × 16 in)

Metamorphosis, Is a sculpture made in 2022 part of the solo exhibition Equinox.

The skull, sourced from a database of CT and MRI scans for medical research purposes, was first 3D printed and then cast in bronze. Subsequently, the skull was partly immersed in copper-sulfate solution and, through an electrochemical process. The Bronze dissolved in the solution and reformed into a crystal, representing the material's most fundamental form.

The creation of the system responsible for deconstructing the skull into its constituent components, encompassing all the energy invested in its production (including copper mining, smelting, skull scanning, polymer synthesis, 3D Printing, wax casting, bronze casting, and more), and shaping it into the desired form, requires an ongoing investment of additional energy to reverse the process and restore the element to its original and fundamental state.

The complete disintegration of the skull (below the waterline) is estimated to take approximately three years. During this period, the skull will gradually lose shape, while the crystal will grow, covering a larger surface area within the aquarium.

In the image below, you can observe the size of the crystal one month after activation. Similar to each object within the installation, this system was initially digitally designed and subsequently brought into existence in the physical world. This approach is crucial both as a working method and as a technique that encapsulates the essence of encoding and decoding information or the recipe for creating the work and its operational principles. Examples include a "score" written for dance or a composition created for musical performance. The engineered creation is meticulously planned to facilitate its reconstruction. This approach allows for a distinction between the planning and execution phases, minimizing the risk of data loss during translation or the inability to convey the full scope of the project.