No Man's Land

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No Man's Land
MediumVideo, Screen, 3D Animation, Carbon Steel, Cargo Straps
Dimensions120 cm × 120 cm × 30 cm (47 in × 47 in × 12 in)

No Man's Land, Is a Video sculpture made in 2023, featured in the group exhibition "Arza," curated by Lior Tamim at Givon Gallery.

Features a white donkey head on dual screens, creating an illusion of a singular creature in endless motion. This imagery draws on the philosophical dilemma of Buridan's Ass, symbolizing indecision. The work intertwines this concept with the Messianic symbolism of the donkey in Jewish tradition, reflecting on the stagnation in political decision-making. The installation's mirrored, directionless walk of the donkey serves as a metaphor for societal and political paralysis, inviting reflection on collective hesitation and its impact on identity and progress.