Equinox was a Solo exhibition that took place in 2022 in HaMidrasha Gallery HaYarkon 19.

Works in this exhibition

Curatoral text

"Mor Afgin's exhibition deals with the study of the connections between technology and humans, and the poetic, political and philosophical arrays of the transformations in matter in the cycles of life. At its center is a three-channel video that shows a simulation of a machine in which a dead human body can be burned and the energy contained in the body can be converted into electricity. A specific electrical charge is "distilled" from each body, the material becomes electrical energy as a spiritual-energetic representation of that soul. Although the machine is imagined, it is planned in detail and can be built and operated as soon as it is decided to manufacture it. It was practiced and designed in reference to the biblical Jewish prophecy of the prophet Ezekiel about the vision of the dry bones and the resurrection of the dead. By the way Afgin raises questions about death and redemption, about resurrection and reincarnation and how technology melts into biology. At the entrance to the exhibition there is an aquarium with a skull cast from bronze immersed in a liquid. Throughout the exhibition, the bronze dissolves in water, the skull wears away and a crystal begins to form in its place. Beside her is a 3D-printed spine with a bronze cast atlas vertebra at the end. Its function is to allow movement of the head and bear its weight, hence its name - after the Titan, the hero from Greek mythology who was punished after fighting the gods and condemned to carry the weight of the world on his head. In the back room, two screens stand back to back in an aquarium filled with liquid. They show a simulation of a butterfly inside a box with a UV lamp. The butterfly is attracted to the light, but every time it approaches the lamp it is turned off by a sensor. On one screen there is an image of a normal camera and on the other screen an image of a camera that shoots in infrared (night vision)."

By Avi Lubin 2022

The exhibition was produced with the support of the Lottery Council for Culture and Art